Industrial Jacks

Industrial jacks for trade use

Jacks provide a heavy lifting option for a range of trade uses. Most often they are needed to lift cars, trucks and machinery to enable efficient maintenance work to be completed without restrictions. 

There is a wide selection of industrial tools that are able to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. Youll find a variety of new, used and refurbished options at affordable prices which are suitable for commercial and trade use. 

Key features

Industrial jacks are an essential piece of equipment for the safe lifting of heavy objects such as cars and machinery. There is a selection of jacks that can handle different loads with smaller jacks suitable for cars and light vans, and tougher jacks that can support commercial vehicles such as vans and lorries. 

They are designed to be strong and secure when in use and have a variable height range to make tasks easier. Most jacks are made of steel to ensure strength and durability while in use and each has a hydraulic unit with locking feature to hold the object in place. Trolley car jacks that feature wheels are highly portable, perfect for use in a larger garage. 

Compact car jacks

Car jacks are used in both domestic and commercial situations and offer a handy solution if you need to put on the spare wheel, or want to carry out maintenance work. Compact jacks provide a portable option which can be kept in your car or in the garage without taking up too much space. There is a selection of different sizes to handle different weights, plus they have a carry handle for easy manoeuvrability. 

Heavy-duty jacks

Some jobs require a stronger and sturdy jack to support the weight of heavy equipment so choosing an industrial jack gives you optimum power and strength for peace of mind. To support these jacks, there is also a range of jack hoists, ramps and axle stands to ensure the object is stable.