Industrial MIG Welders

Quality MIG welders

MIG welders are a popular piece of equipment for a range of welding requirements. They are suited to both trade and hobbyist use and are often utilised by metal workers and mechanical engineers. This type of welder is renowned for precision and accuracy, and there is a host of welders to choose from. Youll find new, used and refurbished options suitable for all budgets from top brands such as Sealey, Wolf, SnapOn and Stahlwerk plus a selection of accessories to accompany this welding equipment

Welders for any project size

There is a wide selection of MIG welders for any type of welding project. They vary in size and power which determines the amount of output you can achieve from the equipment. Many welders are portable and offer a carry handle for lighter models or wheels and a stand for heavier equipment. Many models are ready to use straight from the box as long you have the necessary accessories and components to get started, and they are generally easy to set up for any job. 

Key features

Depending on what size of welder you choose, there is a host of features each model has. Many offer a heavy-duty output transformer to maximise usage plus air cooling to optimise performance. The type of MIG welder you use also determines the type of material thickness you can effectively weld plus there are timers for spot welding. Most MIG welders have comfortable grip handles for ergonomic use. 

Accessories for MIG welders

Theres loads of metalworking, milling and welding equipment that include the basics to start welding including contact tips, spool wire, gas regulators plus many other essentials. For replacement parts or extra components, youll also find a range of individual items such as welding gas, welding face masks, wire brushes and plugs for your equipment.