Industrial Nail Guns

Industrial nail guns for trade and DIY use

Theres no need to worry about hammering nails anymore with a handy nail gun at your disposal. This popular piece of equipment is ideal for large trade and commercial carpentry jobs and makes securing things a breeze with fast and accurate fixings. If youre looking make tasks more manageable, youll find an extensive range of industrial nail gun and staplers in top brands including Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita and Senco plus many others in new, used and refurbished condition. There are many models that suit most budgets with components and accessories to accompany this equipment. 

Key features

To carry out jobs with speed and precision, a nail or staple gun is often used for carpentry, upholstery and construction work. The powerful head pushes nails and staples into a variety of materials and makes jobs such as fencing, decking and flooring simple. Many models are also suitable for domestic use too and make DIY projects quicker and more accurate. The design of nail guns ensures they protect the work surface to avoid unnecessary marking. They are also relatively lightweight with a comfortable handle so they can be used for prolonged periods with less fatigue. Nail guns also provide a safety trigger to prevent accidental firing. 

Nail and staple gun hybrids

There is a selection of nail and staple gun hybrids that adapt to both settings to enable versatile use. Industrial stapling is ideal for material that is thinner in appearance and is often used for upholstery, trim work, crafts, panelling, furniture restoration and cabinet assembly to give a smooth and secure fitting. 

Nail gun essentials

There are a selection of components and accessories to accompany a range of nail gun models including battery chargers, cleaning fluids, gas cells and portable carrying cases plus many other items.