Industrial spirit levels

Make sure that every surface is truly level with industrial spirit levels. These are designed for use in a professional or industrial setting in order to ensure that your work is truly level. These can even be used at home for DIY use. Whatever you're after, you're sure to find the perfect industrial hand tools right here on eBay. 

Stabila industrial spirit levels

Stabilia industrial spirit levels offer an amazing amount of functionality, letting you check different angles. Go for a Stabila Torpedo Holster for something that's designed with both reliability and accuracy in mind. Magnets to the bottom surface let you attach it to metal objects, like scaffolding, for hands-free readings, whilst horizontal and vertical spirit levels are perfect for checking various directions. 

Or, go for a Stabila Torpedo with an added spirit level bubble at a 45-degree angle. This is perfect for checking different angles. A Pocket Pro Magnetic mini spirit level from Stabila is a smaller model with magnetic edges, perfect for getting accurate readings in hard to reach places. 

Stanley industrial spirit levels

Stanley industrial spirit levels are made with the same quality typical of the brand. A Stanley Fatmax Magnetic Torpedo Level that measures at 25cm uses a super lightweight yet durable aluminium case, whilst a rotating 180-degree vial lets you measure a range of different angles. The bottom groove is perfect for measuring the level of rounded surfaces with accuracy, like pipes. 

For something with basic functionality, you'll find Stanley string line pocket spirit levels. These are perfect for use with large areas where precision isn't too important. 

You'll also find larger models, like the Stanley Fatmax Pro Box Beam spirit level with a 120cm length. These feature magnified vials for greater visibility and shock-absorbing caps that protect the spirit levels even when dropped or knocked.