Industrial Work Boots & Shoes

Strong and stylish industrial work boots and shoes

Work boots and shoes make up an important part of clothing and equipment for tradespeople. So choosing the right footwear is essential for staying protected from the elements and everyday work environments. If you are looking for strong and sturdy boots and shoes that give you added protection, there is a wide selection available for a variety of different applications. Combining a range of technical features, top brands such as Dickies, Dewalt, Dr Martens and Caterpillar plus many others offer a variety of styles to suit your preferences. Alongside function, youll also find a range of personal protective equipment with added style.

Technical boots and shoes

To handle a variety of working environments, there is a wide selection of industrial footwear that has technical features to protect your feet. Youll find everything from waterproof styles to insulating materials that keep your feet warm and dry. Some footwear options also combine steel toe caps to protect wearers during heavy lifting, perfect for industrial environments.

Leather boots

Leather has long been a widely used material for hardy work boots and shoes. Its durability and comfort are ideal for people that are on their feet all day, plus the range of colours make them suitable for a range of working environments. Leather industrials boots also have good grip and supportive yet flexible uppers for improved wearability.

Industrial Wellington boots

If youre looking for strong and sturdy Wellington boots, there is a wide selection of styles to choose from. This style boot is waterproof and provides protection further up the calf. Some options also have steel toe caps for extra protection.

Safety trainers

For those that require comfort with an added element of safety, steel toe cap trainers are an ideal choice. They come in a range of stylish options and look similar to everyday footwear.