Iphone Headphone Splitter

The iPhone Headphone Splitter: Listening Along with Others

If you use your iPhone to listen to music or watch videos and more than one person wants to listen or watch with you, an iPhone headphone splitter will let you connect another person to your smartphone so you can both enjoy the entertainment together. Even when Apple opted to remove the headphone jack, you can still use a Lightning splitter to listen with friends. eBay offers an easy-to-use platform to shop and many headphone splitters from which you can choose.

How does a dual lightning cable work?

The iPhone and iPad have a unique charging system that Apple has dubbed Lightning. Not only does the Lightning connector allow you to charge your phone, but it also can relay data as well, and since Apple dropped the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, many companies have released iPhone lightning splitter models. These plug into the Lightning slot and work as a means to attach wired headphones. Some products also work exclusively for Lightning-based headphones and split one Lightning connection into two.

What models need a Lightning iPhone headphone adapter?

The omission of the headphone jack means that traditional headphone splitters wont work for every model of iPhone. Fortunately, the lightning jack can still be used for attaching headphones so that you can listen easily. There are five phones that can use this functionality.

Here are the types of products that you can seek out if you dont have a headphone jack:

  • iPhone 7 adapter for headphones and charger
  • iPhone 8 adapter for headphones and charger
  • iPhone 8 Plus adapter for headphones and charger
  • iPhone X adapter for headphones and charger
Are there iPhone splitters that dont use Lightning?

If you want to purchase an iPhone 8 splitter that works for traditional wired headphones, there are options on the market. With one, you can have an Apple headphone splitter that works well for friends that use Android and dont have a Lightning-connected pair of headphones.

Can an Apple earphone splitter be used while charging?

While there are some splitters out there that have only one connector, there are also iPhone headphone adapter models on the market that can be used to charge simultaneously. While this may prevent you from sharing the audio from your music or your videos with another friend, this allows you to use one of the attached Lightning jacks to keep your phone from dying while you listen.

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