Iphone Headphones With Mic

Go Hands-Free with iPhone Headphones with Mic

Enjoy audio from your Apple device with a pair of iPhone earphones. With iPhone headphones with a built-in microphone, you can enjoy listening to music and watching videos with privacy. iPhone headphones also feature built-in remote control functions that allow you to control calls and audio playback without having to reach for your phone. You can find a range of headphones for your iPhone on eBay, including models specifically designed for each generation of iPhone.

How do iPhone earphones fit?

Earphones designed to fit an Apple device are in-ear headphones. When placed in your ears, they close off the canal to other sounds as much as possible, allowing you to enjoy audio to the fullest. Products come in a range of shapes, but all are designed to provide you with the best ergonomic fit. Earphones often come with a range of silicone ear-tips that can be used to help achieve a better fit for your ears.

What functions can the remote perform?

Most iPhone earphones feature a built-in remote control. The controls allow you to manage audio and phone calls without having to touch your phone. There are a range of functions that you can control with the remote control, including:

  • Volume: You can adjust audio levels with the volume control buttons.
  • Music playback: Play and pause buttons allow you to stop and resume playback. Theres also a button that allows you to change tracks.
  • Calls: You can answer and disconnect phone calls using the calling functions on the remote.
Do iPhone earphones come with a carrying case?

Most models include a carrying case that you can use to store your earphones. It is important that earphones are stored correctly to prevent the cord from being damaged. Check individual product details to see if the item includes a storage case.

Where is the microphone located?

The microphone is usually located on the cord. Its designed to rest just under your chin. This makes them comfortable for use as the microphone will stay out of your way while wearing the earphones. It is also located in a position that will capture the most from your voice, so those you are calling will be able to hear you with minimal background noise.

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