Islamic Collectables

Islamic collectables enhance the religious experience for devout Muslims who pray 5 times a day.

Different types of Islamic collectables

Prayer beads are traditionally used during worship. The rosary style beads are generally made from natural wood, semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver or elaborately embellished plastic, with silver-plated metal and tassel ends. Many exquisitely decorated beads are genuine Islamic collectables.

Prayer mats are lightweight, portable mats that can be used anywhere. The most compact size cotton prayer mat can be folded up to fit inside a pocket.

Islamic clothing collectables include authentic prayer hats, wedding gown cloaks and Ihram sets for the gents, and Burqas and arm sleeve covers for the women.

Wall hangings that are decorated with prayer script are Islamic collectables that can be displayed in the home. Styles vary from traditional Arabic calligraphy on round plates, to ornamental and highly embellished pieces.

Other types of Islamic collectables for everyday use

Prayer clocks are a practical and functional way to set a reminder for prayer time. Many digital wall mounted designs feature prayer recitals, 5 prayer display, infrared remote control, alarm clock function and other features.

Mini MP3 players with built-in speakers and pre-loaded full Quran recitation are popular modern electronic Islamic collectables. The plug-in and play technology supports traditional personal worship in a contemporary way. The lightweight and portable MP3 players are available in a wide variety of styles and colours, and are suitable for children.

Authentic features of prayer bead Islamic collectables

Prayer beads are often used as an aid to prayer recital by worshippers, from many cultures.

Traditionally, prayer beads have 99 smooth round semi-precious gemstone or wooden beads, strung on waxed and polished cord.

The 99 beads are divided into three sections of 33 beads and finished with the 100th 'master' bead and a 3-inch tassel.