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JACK and JONES Men's Shorts

Since its explosion onto the Oslo fashion scene in 1990, Jack and Jones have carved themselves out an exciting brand identity, which has spread globally and has been received with acclaim.

With a mission to provide vintage quality with contemporary stylings, Jack and Jones men's shorts are leading the way in terms of men's fashion.

For a look which is fashion conscious, yet steeped in tradition, men can easily enhance their look with any Jack and Jones shorts.

From bold and bright to classic and understated

Jack and Jones produce shorts which range in their colour palette from the most subtle and muted darker hues, to bright, bold and striking tones, which are guaranteed to grab people's attention. Whether you are a confident beach dweller, or a laid back man looking for a smart, yet casual choice in shorts, you will find exactly what you are looking for here.

There is no shortage of patterns on display within the Jack and Jones Men's shorts range either. Vintage, faded, two-tone classics sit proudly alongside bolder designs and solid blocks of colour, which make an instant impression. Even the most striking shorts within the range embody the Jack and Jones spirit of class, tempting the most conservative man into expanding his wardrobe and his style.

Navigating the Jack and Jones' shorts catalogue

In choosing your next pair of Jack and Jones' shorts, you will first need to decide which category of shorts you wish to explore.

For enhanced comfort and a very relaxed look, consider their casual shorts . If, on the other hand, vintage class with contemporary flavours is your thing, then you may wish to look at the denim shorts . An appealing range of chino and khaki shorts offer tempting additions to a summer wardrobe and, finally, there is a choice of cargo and combat shorts with many pockets making them a practical choice for hiking. All James and Jones shorts offer a look which is as versatile as it is familiar to all.