Jaguar Complete Car Clutch Kits

Jaguar complete car clutch kits

Repair your precious car with a Jaguar complete car clutch kit. These are perfect for replacing all the parts of your clutch, offering the complete clutch assembly with all the necessary screws and fixtures. From aftermarket Jaguar clutch kits to genuine OEM components, youre sure to find the perfect clutch kits for your vehicle right here on eBay. 

Its highly important to keep the precise model and year of your car in mind when searching for these Jaguar car parts as you need something thats compatible with your vehicle. Incompatible will not fit your car properly and may even cause damage to the internal workings if installed. 

Whats included in a complete cat clutch kit?

These handy kits offer everything you need to your clutch back in full working order. If you need to replace the full clutch system in your car, youll find all the needed plates, fixtures and motors included. If you only need to replace a single part, you could get a kit and keep the other parts as spares. 

Parts included most often are single or dual mass flywheels, clutch pressure plates, clutch driven plates and start motors, alongside all the needed nuts, bolts and fixtures. 

Or go for a kit that includes a more advanced solid flywheel. These reduce vibration and juddering and also stop dust buildup on the starter motor, ensuring that your vehicle lasts for longer. 

Genuine OEM or aftermarket parts

Get a genuine OEM clutch kit for your beloved Jaguar car to ensure that its fully compatible. OEM parts from Jaguar are guaranteed to fit specific cars and are made with the quality design typical of the British car manufacturer. 

Or, go for aftermarket Jaguar clutch kits for something to take your car to the next level. Youll find items from brands like Borg & Beck, LuK and Blue Print.