Jewellery Cleaners & Polish

Jewellery Cleaners and Polish

Keep your favourite jewellery in sparkling clean condition with a selection of jewellery cleaners and polish. Whether you want your old antique jewellery to look restored or your newest jewellery to stay looking brand new, jewellery cleaners and polish will keep your necklaces , rings and brooches in their finest condition.

A high quality polishing cloth will prolong the lustre of your jewellery and some designs are anti tarnish as well. Simply rub the cloth all over your jewellery item and gently buff to achieve a brilliant shine. Some polishing cloths are only suitable for certain types of jewellery, so it is recommended that you check the product detail before you attempt to clean your jewellery.

Jewellery cleaners and polish come in a variety of different formats and are available in jars of cleaning solution where you immerse your jewellery in it for a certain period. Be mindful however, that some stones are more porous than others which means that they will require a shorter period for immersion. As a rule, you can clean gold, white gold, platinum and certain gems in jewellery cleaner solution.

Ultrasonic bath cleansing is an innovative form of jewellery cleaners and polish, this is where ultrasonic waves gently wipe clean pieces of jewellery without any specific cleaning agents. It simply uses water and the power of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic bath cleansers operate on a battery basis (typically using 2 or 4x AA batteries ) this gentle but effective method is increasing in popularity.

You can also opt for a fluid solution which will help with the removal of tarnish, carbon, rust and dirt from most solid pieces of metal jewellery to return your jewellery back to its to original shiny condition.

Jewellery cleaners and polish come in a variety of formats and can generally be found in brand new condition.

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