Jewellery Gift/ Storage Boxes

Show Your Affection with Jewellery Gift Boxes

To celebrate a special occasion in style, use jewellery gift boxes. The selections on eBay allow you to match the presentation of your gift to each recipient, ensuring that you make a lasting impression.

What environmentally-friendly options are available in jewellery gift boxes?

Environmentally-friendly options are available on eBay and some people prefer boxes made of strong, biodegradable paper. These boxes may be plain, printed with text, or decorated with fabric. Some vendors on eBay focus on recycled materials, but the style ensures that jewellery looks costly.

What type of lining is available in jewellery gift boxes for earrings?

Jewellery boxes for earrings generally have a satin lining, which is soft to the touch and instantly creates a sensuous experience. These boxes are often made to display one pair, and you can select the size that is appropriate for studs, hoops, or drop earrings. The style of those for studs varies slightly from those for hoops, with a cushions being made for the former behind the satin layer.

Are there jewellery gift boxes for young children?

Yes. A jewellery gift box for a child is often made of materials like plastic, and decorated using bright colours. They may have ingenious shapes, and are often made to look like houses, furniture, purses, and other interesting items that children enjoy more than a plain box. Selections on eBay which are designed for children are fun, and may utilise glitter and even lights to make your jewellery more interesting.

Are handmade jewellery gift boxes available?

Yes. Several handmade jewellery gift boxes are available for people of all ages. These contain design details that are not available with factory-made items. Consider the following when making a selection:

  • Fabric can be added to your box, so it looks like a fairy dress for a little princess, or a shield and banners for a young prince in your household.
  • Some lids can be adjusted to be lifted easily by people who have restricted movement in their hands.
  • Boxes with a mirror inside can enhance the appearance of jewellery, and make it easier for a friend to see how they look in earrings or bracelets immediately.
Are jewellery gift boxes available with a lining?

Yes, although some are designed with other elements, which make a lining unsuitable. For example, a box for a child may have magic writing that changes colour or colourful bubbles, and the focus will be on that rather than the lining.