Kata Camera, Drone & Photo Accessories

Kata Camera Accessories

Kata offer a wide range of accessories for their cameras, one of the more popular accessories is a camera bag. One example is the the Kata Pro-Light ReportIT-10 PL Reporter Bag for DSLR Cameras. This is a sleek low profile professional bag suitable for any reporter on the go. It carries all your shooting kit without making it obvious that you are carrying photographic equipment around. This shoulder bag is suitable for any DSLR camera with up to a 70-200mm lens attached.

There is also space for two or three additional lenses and a flash. It could also hold an iPad or netbook and personal accessories. The front pocket can be used for personal effects such as your mobile, travel documents, and a wallet. It comes with an elements cover to protect your equipment in the worst of weather. It is two-sided, and the black side is for rain protection while the silver side protects against heat and dust.

Kata Photo Organizer KT OC-84

Also in the range of Kata camera accessories is the Kata Photo Organizer KT OC-84 with insert trolley and laptop bag . The KT OC-84 is designed for use in harsh environments and has a honeycombed reinforcement for ultimate protection of your gear. There is a deep compartment which can be customised to take 2 - 4 DSLR bodies along with 6 - 8 lenses and accessories, or a medium format kit. It could also be used as a lighting bag for a small lighting kit.

The second compartment is shallow for a laptop or paperwork, and there is a laptop case with it which can be used individually. There is a large external pocket for personal effects such as a mobile phone, wallet, etc., and there is also an extra internal accessory pocket. In addition, there are straps included so that you could attach a small tripod to the case.

The KT 0C-84 has two strong carrying handles which are padded for use on the top or side, and an insert trolley is included. This example of the Kata camera accessories is sold by a retired wedding photographer who no longer needs it.