Kitchen Bread Bins

Every kitchen needs a bread bin. They keep your bread fresher and protect it from damage while youre cooking. They keep everything from full loaves to individual rolls tucked away and tidy. And perhaps most important of all, they keep all those crumbs and seeds completely contained to minimise the mess.

Your Kitchen, Your Style

Kitchen bread bins coms in all shapes and sizes, with something available to match any style of kitchen, from metallic breadbins to match sleek modern designer kitchens full of chrome and polished marble, to timeless wooden models for classic Quaker kitchens with their authentic ambience.

Just like your kitchen, bread bins come in a range of finishes, from natural wood to classic ceramic, from enamel covered metal to polished stainless steel. You can also choose from a range of colours to match your interior design or pick from popular designs to match your other storage containers.

Roll Top or Lid

If space is limited in your kitchen, it makes sense to choose a roll top bread bin. Made from either wooden slats or a solid curved lid, this style remains self contained whether open or closed. Another space saving idea is to choose a bread bin with an integral chopping board lid. This means that when you get your loaf out, your chopping board is always there ready and waiting, without having to find a home for it elsewhere.

Smart Features

For all the simplicity of the bread bin, there are still a few smart features to look out for that can make a real difference. For example, some roll top bread bins come with two levels, with a range of compartments to separate your different breads, while other styles include a clear plastic window in the lid, so you can see inside without opening it.

More than just functional, the right bread bin can add to the style of any kitchen, so take your time and choose with care.

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