Smart and sensible kitchen roll holders

Kitchen roll is one of the most versatile things in your kitchen. It can be used for everything from mopping up spills to doubling as a low-cost napkin with your bacon sandwich. To keep your kitchen organised and tidy while gaining easy access with a kitchen roll holder. 

Match your kitchen style

Kitchen roll holders come in a wide range of designs and materials, so whatever your kitchen style, from traditional farmhouse to sleek ultra-modern, you'll find a kitchen roll holder to match. You can choose everything from simple pine posts to elaborate cast iron designs and shining stainless steel kitchen roll holders to cool marble finishes. With plastic or wooden kitchen roll holders, you can often choose the colour too, picking a shade that matches, or contrasts with your kitchen colours. 

Integrate your kitchen roll holder

Kitchen roll holders can be free-standing on your countertop, or wall mounted at a convenient height, right where you need them most. Wall mounted kitchen roll holders can be integrated into other dispensers, creating an all-in-one unit for your kitchen roll, foil and cling film. 

Alternatively, they can be incorporated beneath shelves or storage racks, making a one-stop organiser for everything you need in your kitchen. Mounting a holder in your kitchen will declutter your counter space and matching the holder to your kitchen's design makes for a truly integrated look. 

Fold away kitchen roll holders

If you don't use kitchen roll all the time, it may be worth considering a fold away kitchen roll holder. These do not have a central pillar, but instead, grip the roll at either end with arms that can be folded flat when not in use. Some pivoted wall mounted kitchen roll holders will also lie flat against the wall when not in use.