From vintage pots and pans to novelty knick knacks, when it comes to styling your kitchen you can find what you want among kitchenalia. Whether you have a classic style, love vintage, you want a bit of fun, or are after something more decorative there is plenty of choice for your kitchen.

The word kitchenalia is defined as utensils, cooking equipment and other items associated with the kitchen. There is a limitless amount of kitchenalia, from handy gadgets to antique cutlery and novelty mugs , and there is also something for collectors and interior designers alike.

Kitchens are among the most popular rooms in the house to equip as there are cupboards, shelves and drawers to fill up or decorate. To pull out a stylish dinner set can be satisfying, or make someones day by handing them a mug which brings a smile to their face. Or maybe you are after kitchenalia from a certain brand, a particular era or in a favourite colour with which to style your kitchen or to give as a gift.

The current retro trend means vintage kitchen paraphernalia is particularly popular. Vintage lovers could find their piece of nostalgia from a set of retro design mugs or a genuine 1950s coffee pot . Antiques by well known names, such as a Staffordshire tea set or some Sheffield Steel knives, are always a special find. Limited edition bowls, mugs and tins advertising a cereal maker or biscuit manufacturer are also collectors items, as is branded tableware for children from a popular comic or television programme from days gone by.

The French country kitchen style is also popular and there are vintage style and antique enamel pots and copper pans available to help achieve the look. Utensils, storage jars, and coffee sets from French manufacturers can also have a shabby chic appeal. If you want to add some vintage class or need a stylish set of saucepans you will find what you are looking for among the kitchenalia.