Kitesurfing Kites

Kitesurfing Kites

Kitesurfing brands range from Cabrinha to Liquid force and even Ozone. There are plenty of different styles of kite available, including the C kite, Delta kite, Hybrid kite and more. The kite you choose can really give you a different experience when youre out and on the waves.

Inflatable Kite

Inflatable kites have plastic bladders. This is located underneath the lifting edge and it is inflated with an air pump. The bladders help to provide the kite with its shape and it also provides it with some flotation when it lands in the water.

C Kite

The C kite is quite possibly one of the oldest styles of kite available. C kites are not suited for beginners because they have a lot of lift and power. They have the ability to provide you with stability and this is especially the case when they are unhooked. C kites are ideal for freestylers and experienced kite flying enthusiasts. They dont have flat wing tips and they dont have bridles either.

Bow Kite

The bow kite is the most popular style. It is easily brought down and this is all due to the pulley system. It has a very good level of upwind performance and it excels in strong winds. The bow kite is perfect for beginners and it has a leaning edge as well. This has bridles attached and it has a very flat profile. It also has a concave trailing edge and it is not suitable for unhooked riding. The bow kite is also great for big air kite enthusiasts and free riders.

Delta Kite

Delta kites combine characteristics from the C kite to make a hybrid alternative. It has a short and flat profile, is easy to launch and it can handle a huge range of winds. The Delta kite has a slow response and is ideal for both professional and beginner kitesurfers.