Krusell Leather Mobile Phone Cases/Covers

Krusell Leather Mobile Phone Case Cover

If you buy a Krusell leather mobile phone case or cover , you know youll be getting something that does its job well, as well as incorporating a unique sense of design. Your choice of phone case can help set you apart from the crowd, at the same time as being eminently practical and useful.

Some types of Krusell mobile phone case in leather

Leather pouch cases are the type where you simply slot your phone into them. They act like a kind of purse or pocket and are generally designed to be carried around inside another bag or perhaps an inside pocket of a jacket. Youll need to remove the phone from the pouch in order to use it, so these are perhaps best suited to people who dont need to be continually on their smartphones .

Lather flip cover cases are the type that act like a book, with a folding cover that closes over the front touchscreen of your phone. Some come with a fastening mechanism such as a magnetic clip, press stud or Velcro fastener. The Krusell range includes many different colour options, including the classic black or brown, as well as brighter colours, depending on your favourite.

Krusell wallet style mobile phone covers incorporate additional pocket elements for storing things such as credit cards and money. These are useful if you are taking your phone with you for work purposes, or if you simply dont want to carry a separate wallet or purse as well as your phone. The practical and stylish nature of these phone cases offers a stylish and useful design.

About the Krusell brand

Since 1991, the Swedish brand Krusell have been designing and manufacturing bags and accessories for mobile phones and portable electronics devices. They have built their worldwide reputation on combining Swedish design sensibilities with functionality and practicality.