LR44 Single Use Batteries

Single Use LR44 Batteries

The LR44 battery is a small button battery, with a nominal voltage starting at 1.5V, that provides reliable longevity and works equally well at high and low temperatures. You will also see larger batteries labelled 4LR44 in this range. These are the equivalent size of 4 x LR44 batteries, combined in one casing, and provide a voltage of 6V. All the LR44 Batteries listed are for single use and must be disposed of safely.

Alkaline LR44 Batteries

The alkaline battery is so called because the electrolyte is made of potassium hydroxide, which is an alkaline element. Over 80% of batteries manufactured in the US are Alkaline Batteries compared to 60% in the UK. Recognised names such as Duracell and Energiser produce Alkaline LR44 batteries and there are also unbranded options widely available.

Lithium LR44 Batteries

Lithium batteries, also known as lithium-metal batteries, use lithium as an anode. Duracell and GP both produce a range of Lithium LR44 and 4LR44 Batteries and there are also unbranded options. You may find that lithium batteries are more expensive per unit, but this is balanced by a longer shelf life and longer lasting energy provision.

Silver-Oxide LR44 Batteries

Silver-oxide batteries use silver-oxide as the positive electrode and zinc as the negative electrode and also contain an alkaline electrolyte. They have an extremely high energy to weight ratio and an expected shelf life of circa 5 years, making one of the most efficient battery types on the market. The larger the battery, the more silver is used in its composition, but LR44s use a very nominal amount and the impact on cost is therefore minimal.

Uses of the LR44 Battery

LR44 batteries are commonly used in clocks and watches, small toys, penlights and calculators. It is recommended that you check the battery specifications on your device before making your battery purchase.