Land Rover air suspension parts

Replacing air suspension parts on a Land Rover can prolong the life and condition of the vehicle. When sourcing used or new car air suspension parts, its often worth checking part numbers to double check compatibility and avoid any problems. 

Genuine parts should be easily identifiable when comparing part numbers, and when sourced new or used may come with both parts and labour guarantees if they are supplied with fitting as an additional extra benefit. There are even air suspension rear and front height sensors, available for different models and years of Range Rover vehicles, with retrofitting an option. Youll find a range of suspension and steering parts for Land Rover Range Rover right here on eBay. 

Compressor repair kits for Range Rovers

Hitachi brand air suspension compressor pumps are often compatible with Range Rovers, although it will depend on both the specific model of the vehicle and the pump kit selected. The 6 pin suspension pumps will only fit cars designed for these sets, although a mechanic or car enthusiast will be able to double check if any parts can be transferred successfully between vehicles. 

For the Range Rover Sport, there are Dunlop compressors, often available used and removed in full working condition while at a scrap or breakers yard. Reusing car parts is economical and environmentally friendly, and are usually straightforward to fit since they may come with all the fixtures and fittings needed. 

Air suspension replacements to stop leaks

Leaks will reduce the performance of any part of an engine, and simple steps such as replacing seals can help to prevent them. Smaller Land Rover parts, like rear air suspension bags, can be sourced individually or in sets allowing repairs to be undertaken precisely where and when they are needed. Likewise, air spring clips and strut shock absorbers require regular checks for repair or replacement at regular intervals to avoid further damage being caused as a consequence of faulty or broken parts.