Laptop Batteries for Apple MacBook Pro

The Basics of Getting a Replacement MacBook Pro Battery

The lithium polymer battery in a MacBook Pro is designed to provide maximum life to the laptop. However, continued use of your machine will eventually require a battery replacement. A genuine MacBook Pro battery will ensure that your laptop keeps functioning at optimal capacity, and eBay have a broad range available.

When is it time to get a replacement battery for a MacBook Pro?

As with most computers, Apple laptops will indicate when the battery is not functioning at full capacity. An icon on the screen provides several details, including the condition of the battery. Click on the drop-down menu to find out the health of the battery. The three options to watch out for are:

  • Replace Soon – This means that the battery function is normal but doesn’t hold as much charge as it used to and a replacement is required soon, although the battery still works. You have time to search for a suitable MacBook Pro battery.
  • Replace Now – It is still safe to keep using the battery, but the charge capacity is falling. Replacement is imminent.
  • Service Battery – The battery is no longer operating normally, although the laptop can function when connected to an adapter. Replacement is mandatory at this point.
Why does the MacBook Pro model matter?

A replacement Apple MacBook Pro battery has to be compatible with the laptop if it is to work as intended. Just because a battery works in a 2015 MacBook Pro, doesn’t mean that it will work in a 2009 model. The period of manufacture and the size of the device will determine the correct battery to get. To access this information, check the underside of the machine to see if the model number is visible on the casing. Alternatively, find the Apple icon on your laptop, click it and proceed to the ‘About This Mac’ page. Go to ‘System Information’ then ‘Hardware’, where you will find the Model Identifier.

How can you find a suitable MacBook battery?

After checking the model of your MacBook Pro, narrow down your battery selection to compatible options. Know the correct specifications, such as the MacBook Pro battery size. A 15 inch MacBook Pro battery won’t fit in a 12 inch laptop, so be careful with the dimensions. Another specification to consider is the amp-hour rating. It is possible to go with a higher capacity than the original battery, which allows you to get more cycles. The number of cells will influence a MacBook Pro battery runtime: more cells equals higher capacity. Your computer usage will determine if you need the additional runtime. In all instances, see the manufacturer’s site for details.

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