Laptop Batteries

Laptop Batteries

A laptop battery is an important component in keeping your equipment working during work or play. After some time, laptop batteries may start to deteriorate. They may need to be kept charged for longer periods, the charge might drain quickly or they may stop working altogether. There is a large selection of laptop batteries for a wide range of models including Apple, HP, Dell and Toshiba plus many others, each offering quality and durable components to keep your laptop working for longer.

Replacement Laptop Batteries

When choosing a replacement laptop battery is also wise to check the specifications of your laptop to ensure you find the correct component. The variety of batteries available offers you a comprehensive range of new or refurbished batteries for your chosen model. The batteries will fit the exact model and often list model and part numbers to assist you when choosing the correct battery.

Many of the latest laptop batteries offer a rechargeable Lithium-ion power source which offers long-lasting performance and durability. There is also a large selection of original and OEM parts which give you a compatible and quality battery.

Every Make and Model

With a selection of laptop batteries available, it is easy to find a replacement for your laptop model. There is everything from Apple MacBooks and Dell Inspiron models to Acer Aspire laptops and Lenovo Thinkpads, plus everything in between. These compatible batteries are thoroughly tested and include safeguard features against internal overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overheating, voltage problems and short circuits. Many laptop batteries also have warranties to give you extra peace of mind.

Installing a Battery

Replacing your battery is usually quite simple but may require some special tools to insert the new component. Some laptops may have removable batteries whilst others are internal which may require some professional or technical help to install.