Laptop Screens and LCD Panels for Lenovo

Laptop Screens and LCD Panels for Lenovo

If you need to replace a damaged or defective screen on your Lenovo laptop , laptop screens and LCD panels for Lenovo are widely available. The screen you require will depend on the size and the model of your laptop, as well as its hardware capabilities. There are a huge variety of screens, panels and digitisers available for purchase which are moderately easy to assemble by following online guides.

Screen size

There are a number of screen sizes to choose from. The size of the screen is measured from the top left corner diagonally to the bottom right corner. Screens are available in all sizes from smaller 10 and 11 inch screens to the industry standard 15.6 inch screen and beyond. You can get spare screen parts easily for Lenovo Thinkpads , Lenovo Flex and Lenovo Yoga models, as well as many others.

Standard and touchpad

There are a variety of different screen functionalities available. Generally, touchscreens have a thin layer of plastic on top of the actual screen. When only the touchscreen is damaged you can replace just the touchscreen, but if both the touchscreen and the LCD panel is broken then you must replace both. You can buy touchscreens separate from many suppliers. Standard screens are a bit easier to replace as you are only replacing one component. They are usually cheaper too.

Frames and panels

You can buy screen and LCD panels for Lenovo laptops separately from the screen if that is the component that is damaged, instead of replacing everything. It is a good idea to remove your current screen and check the product code prior to purchase to ensure the correct panel is bought. Some laptops, even among the same makes and models, use different screens. Older laptops use standard CCFL LCD screens which are being phased out in newer laptops that use LED technology screens.