Lawn Bowls Bags

Lawn Bowls Bags

Keep everything in place ready for training through to the big game with lawn bowls bags from simple carriers to smart bags.

Each bag has separate holders for each ball to keep them safe and in place. For added convenience, some bags feature separate compartments so that you can carry your essentials or any other equipment in the same bag.


There are several ways in which you can carry your lawn bowls so it is entirely down to you whether you choose comfort, style or budget.

For something simple, choose a bowls carrier. They usually hold four bowls in separate compartments and can be carried with a strap. These carriers are open but if you fancy something with more protection, look for a small zipped bag. Small bags will hold four bowls, each with their own compartment to keep them safe.

Youll find them in a range of different styles from classic shoulder bags to retro designs.

If you want to carry more bowls with you, it may be best to choose a trolley bag. These have retractable handles and wheels so that you can wheel them along without carrying too much weight.


A well-known bowls maker, Drakes Pride, is from Liverpool and their history can be dated back to 1820. They produce a range of dual bowl bags and four bowl bags. From micro bags and carriers to zip bags, trolleys and scooter bags. Their bags come in a range of colours to suit your personal style and are made from quality materials for durability.

Or, look at Taylors, a Scottish, family-run company who believe in service and innovation to provide the best quality bowls and accessories as possible.

Henselite is an Australian company who began almost 80 years ago. In fact, they were the first brand to invent the plastic bowl. They produce simple carry bags through to trolleys that are sturdy and reliable.