Lawn Bowls Shoes

Lawn Bowl Shoes

Lawn bowl shoes are designed to be worn specifically when out on the green. The shoes themselves dont come with a lot of grip and the soles are very flat. Under the sole of the shoe, the grips tend to be rigid with lines running horizontally, however, it is possible to get grips that come with other designs, such as honeycomb patterns. Brands of lawn bowl shoes include Drakes Pride, DEK, Emsmorn and Henselite.

Velcro Lawn Bowl Shoes

Some lawn bowl shoes come with a Velcro fastening. This makes it very easy to fasten the shoes when out on the green and it also means that they are very easy to put on, great for if you are in a hurry. Velcro shoes can be hard to fasten when wet due to the water between the Velcro, however, they are still a very popular option. Velcro shoes are more suited to those who have problems tying their shoelaces due to poor physical health or restricted dexterity.

Laced Bowl Shoes

Laced bowl shoes have eyelets where the lace is passed through with the design of the lace depending on the type of shoe. The lace is usually tied with a very small knot and it is tied behind the tongue of the shoe. This is designed so that it doesnt catch during the game and it is also designed so that they are convenient to wear for long periods of time.

The brand of the shoe will usually be on the side of the shoe in the form of a material tab, however, it is possible to have the brand printed on the side or even made out of plastic. Lawn bowl shoes are available in different sizes meaning you should have no trouble finding a shoe to fit you.