Leica Total Station

Leica Total Station for accurate measurements

For industries that require specialist tools and equipment to carry out accurate surveying tasks, the Leica Total Station is an ideal piece of equipment to support your work. Leica is a well-known industry specialist that provides innovative measuring technology with both manual and robotic solutions. 

There is a range of Leica industrial surveying tools available including new, used and refurbished models which have been recalibrated to give precise readings. 

Impressive features

The Total Stations range has both a manual and robotic option for high accuracy and optimum reliability for field and commercial work. Leica MultiStations have some of the most advanced industrial measuring tools in the industry including lock-on capabilities and combine all available instruments to give precision readings. 

The visualisations created by this model also enables you to see clearer information straight away on an integrated screen. 

Robotic Total Stations options have been designed to self-learn and adjust to environmental conditions to ensure precise measurements are taken. 

These models have innovative software which transforms complicated data into workable information for efficient end use. The Manual Total Station range offer mid to high-level accuracy and provides reliable angle measurements and data for use in surveying. 

Leica Total Station parts and accessories

To accompany the Leica Total Station, there is a wide selection of accessories and parts to ensure your equipment works perfectly. An important aspect of this surveying tool is choosing a reflector prism for use when taking measurements. There is a variety of reflectors to suit your specific model, and that will deliver accurate results to your equipment. 

If youre looking for general parts and components to repair or upgrade your equipment, youll find a range of items such as memory sticks, battery chargers, replacement batteries, handles and data cables plus many other handy extras.