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Leica Vintage Rangefinder Cameras

Leica Vintage Rangefinder Camera

Leica is renowned for taking high quality pictures and having a vintage appeal. To own a Leica vintage rangefinder camera is like owning a piece of history. As well as taking excellent pictures, they are perfect for collectors to display as decoration to be admired. Some models are getting incredibly rare, so its best not to wait too long before investing.

Classic features and a unique style

The classic 35mm Leica camera comes with a bright and clear viewfinder so you can frame a picture perfectly. The aperture and focus can be freely adjusted on the camera body to capture a scene perfectly. Various shutter speeds and a self timer are commonly included features and the lens is mounted using a screw mount .

Bear in mind that vintage Leica lenses can be very expensive, but if youre serious about photography and interested in its history, then it is well worth investing in these rare pieces.

The Leica style is iconic and many modern classic chrome and leather combination cameras are modelled on its design. There is something special and unique about using a viewfinder camera and it is also partly a fashion accessory. Keen collectors may wish supplement their Leica camera with a matching Leica tripod .

What to look for

When buying a vintage camera such as a Leica, check that the viewfinder and the take up spool is included in the set. Look for brassing on the knobs and plates to tell what kind of condition the Leica camera is in, and especially look out for corrosion marks.

You should also check that the curtains work and that the shutter speeds are fully functional. If you are a camera collector, then a worn down look might be what you are looking for anyhow. However, if youre looking to use the camera, then look more carefully at any damage that might have occurred.

Some models have been restored to fully working order and it is worth checking the serial number to identify the make and the model.