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Lenovo Laptop Replacement Keys for Loose keyboards

Over time and with constant use, certain keys will start to come loose from any keyboard. When it's just one or two keys it seems a tad overkill to replace the entire keyboard. Replacement keys for loose keyboards for Lenovo laptops will allow you to replace keys as and when you need to. It's important to make sure you get keys for the right model, as every laptop has a slightly different design and appearance, a key from one will not necessarily fit on the keyboard of another. Usually, it is the bracket to the key that gets damaged. Most of the time keys are sold with this bracket.

Your Model Number

If you have trouble finding a keyboard that fits or that you like, try looking for your laptop's model number which is often printed on the screen bezel or the underside of the laptop. This will allow you to find out what keyboards which match your laptop type.


Being an international company, Lenovo will have produced laptops for a range of nationalities. Most keyboard layouts will differ from country to country for different symbols, accented letters and different letters entirely. Even though you have the model number right, be sure to buy for your region to save confusion.

Replacement Lenovo Keys

Replacement loose keys for keyboards are one of the most common repair buys for computer owners. Keys are prone to being damaged accidentally, or due to frequent and heavy use.

In addition to the physical key, there are many types of sticker overlay which can be used to replace worn or rubbed off numbers or letters on your keyboard. This may prove a cheaper option than replacing otherwise functional components.

Some models may have little nodules that poke up from the base of the keyboard that gets pressed down when you press the key. If yours does, but this has been damaged or removed, then simply replacing the key may not fix the issue and you may need to consider an entire keyboard replacement.