Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipsticks

Lipstick is an essential part of every womans make up kit and with so many different brands and formulations available, it can be hard to choose.

Liquid lipsticks offer you all the pigment power of a matte lipstick with the seductive shimmer of a lip gloss . You can leave them looking high gloss, or if you want to tone the shine down, you could also try blotting them with a tissue to make them appear more matte or even try matte liquid lipsticks .

Not only are they are quick and easy to apply, but, unlike a lipstick, theres no need for two or three coats to get the finish youre trying to achieve. Liquid lipsticks will give your lips an opaque pigment with just one coat.

This type of lip colour is perfect for summer wear, or for taking anywhere that you know is going to get hot. Its common for a stick lipstick to melt should it get hot, theres none of that with a liquid lipstick as the longer lasting lipstick polymer formulas are designed to keep your colour in place for longer.

Spice up your lips with a slick of something special from Kat Von D, or treat yourself to a whole wardrobe of colourful glossy lip colours from a fun brand like Rimmel or Maybelline. Once youve tried a liquid lipstick you may never return to a matte. Glittery versions are available for a more extravagant look or in more obscure colours, such as blue and green.

How to apply liquid lipstick

To get your lips looking just right, you need to apply the lipstick to your bottom lip first, and then move to your top lip. Press your lips together after youve finished applying liquid lipstick to your bottom lip, then carefully fill in your Cupids bow with a lip brush or an applicator.