Listing Template

Your Listing Template Could Boost Your Sales

eBay offers multiple listing template products for digital marketplace sales. These templates can save you a lot of time in writing your own description. Many templates rely on tried-and-true language that is crafted to be high on your search results list.

Why use an eBay listing template?

There are many reasons to consider using a listing template. In addition to the fact that they can save a lot of time compared to writing your own sales descriptions, there are lots of different reasons to consider a listing template:

  • Configuration: Some listing templates will allow you to configure between writing ads for a single product or providing a spreadsheet of items to create a bulk series of listings. Bulk ads can be a huge time-saver.
  • Logo: Some templates can have your company logo configured into the ad
  • Language: The language in the templates is often crafted to be both easy to read and likely to catch search engine traffic. This can be helpful if marketing is not a natural language for you or you are selling goods in a country that speaks a language you are less familiar with.
  • Artwork: Templates can come with artwork that can help to make a listing look more attractive.
  • Customised: Templates can be tailored toward one industry or general enough to work with a wide number of product categories.
  • Mobile: Some templates can be designed to perform optimally on mobile or other platforms.
  • Versatility: Templates can be saved and reused as many times as you wish.
What format do listing templates come in?

Listing templates can come in a number of formats. Some are premade and can be used to plug-and-play. Others come in the form of a discussion with a marketing consultant and an opportunity to customise your own series of ads. Others still may be in the form of a template with customisable features. Because these are listings that can be manually entered or entered as a part of an automated program, there are different levels of customisability and automation available. This is dependent on the seller and the package that you choose.

How long does a template last?

Templates that you purchase can be reused on as many items as you wish, unless the seller intentionally specifies a limit. While an individual listing will expire once an item is sold, the template on which it is based can be saved and used again. Some templates can be modified during a sales period to change prices or other features.