Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds that sparkle and shine

Pick up something that truly sparkles from this range of loose diamonds. Whether youre looking for a replacement diamond for an existing piece of jewellery, or youre planning on creating a new statement piece for yourself, youre bound to find the perfect loose gemstone for you in this great selection of options. 

Cuts and clarity

Loose diamonds are available in loads of different cuts, so you can be sure to find the perfect shape for you. For a stone that really shines, look out for brilliant cut diamonds in lots of different shapes and sizes, with multiple facets that reflect the light from all directions. 

If youre looking for something simple and classic, a round or oval cut could be just the thing. Or, go for something more angular with a princess cut loose diamond, with clean lines and pointed corners that make it an ideal cut for rings and earrings. 

For something with a bit of vintage flair, look out for emerald cut diamonds. With rectangular facets and an open table, this cut is great for drawing attention to the clarity of the stone, and would look great when set in a vintage-style piece of jewellery. 

A teardrop or pear-shaped loose diamond is another sophisticated option. With a point at one end and rounded at the other, its a beautiful stone for use in engagement and promise rings. You could even go for something girly with a heart-shaped loose diamond. Perfect for all kinds of jewellery pieces, heart-shaped diamonds are the ideal birthday or Valentines day gift for your someone special. 

Vintage stones

You could pick up a recycled loose diamond in this range, to give a vintage stone a new lease of life. Recycled loose diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, and are often repurposed from vintage pieces of jewellery, making them perfect for adding a piece of jewellery history to your collection.