Loose Lab-Created Diamonds

Loose Lab-Created Diamonds

Nothing says luxury like the captivating sparkle of real diamonds . These spectacular lab-created diamonds are made of the exact same pure carbon as mined diamonds. In fact, these cultured loose diamonds are said to be indistinguishable from their naturally made counterparts without the use of specialised equipment.

Whilst equal in beauty and sparkle to geologically created diamonds, these engineered beauties represent a more affordable way to own a girls best friend. Whats more, you can wear your lab-created diamond happy in the knowledge that no invasive mining was necessary to create them.

Loose stones are ideal for those who want to design their own unique diamond ring , necklace, bracelet or earrings. Why settle for something mass-produced when you can design the perfect setting for your stunning loose diamond?

Perhaps you wish to pop the question with a loose diamond, allowing your beloved to choose or design their perfect ring? If so, youll find an abundance of stunning stones of various colours, cuts and carats from which to choose.

Classic colourless lab diamonds

For a timeless, elegant look, consider one of the expertly-cut, dazzling colourless diamonds. Choose from round, oval, triangular, marquise, heart shaped and princess cut diamonds. With sizes ranging from tiny to show-stopping huge solitaires, youll find the ideal diamond for your dream piece of fine jewellery .

Add some colour to your life

Loose lab-created diamonds abound in every colour of the rainbow including emerald green, aqua blue, rose pink and yellow. Whatever you have planned for your diamonds, you are sure to find your ideal colour and cut amongst these spectacular specimens.

If you want the brilliance and beauty of mined diamonds but at a fraction of the price, lab-created diamonds are for you. Loose diamonds give you the freedom to create jewellery or other items to your exact specifications.