Loose Natural Diamonds

Loose Natural Diamonds

Perfect for making your own custom jewellery, for yourself, friends or to sell on, choosing loose natural diamonds is often a great way to get started.

When choosing a loose diamond, there are a number of factors to take into consideration from clarity and colour to shape and carat.


Diamond colour becomes more important the larger the carat weight as it is easier to perceive colour in larger diamonds. Clearer and more colourless diamonds are the most valuable, but where jewellery is concerned, sometimes a splash of colour is preferable.

If used against white gold or platinum, it is more important to choose a lower colour diamond, whereas yellow gold will reflect its own colour in a diamond so diamonds with a faint amount of colour will offer better value here.

For rings and larger diamonds, colour and clarity become much more important yet it is less prominent for earrings and smaller diamonds.

Shape and Cut

Different factors become more important with each shape. Round cut diamonds have always been the most popular shape and are much easier to balance cut, colour and clarity and still achieve brilliance.

Princess cut is popular with engagement rings for a modern and alternative style. More colourless diamonds are important here as the corners of the diamond may show more colour than a round cut stone.

Heart cut diamonds are becoming popular as they are a unique and distinctive choice for a range of jewellery. Again, colour may be slightly visible in the corners, so a more colourless grade will be important here, as well as a good length-to-width ratio for the perfect shape.

Other popular diamond cuts include the more square and rectangular shapes of emerald, asscher, radiant and cushion cuts as well as oval and pear shapes.


Because diamonds are natural stones that have been formed deep within the earth, it is virtually impossible to find a flawless example and all diamonds will include some level of blemishes or imperfections. The more brilliance a diamond has, the better light will pass through it, making it shine and sparkle.