Luggage Tags

To avoid your bag being lost or confused with someone else's, luggage tags are an essential when travelling. You can also use them creatively for arts and crafts projects. It's relatively quick, easy and cheap to add or replace luggage tags on most suitcases and holdalls. Plus, you don't need to spoil the look of designer bags with ill-suited tags if you want to look stylish. There are pleasant looking tags available, along with functional varieties.


Hardwearing, smart and weatherproof, a leather luggage tag can tick all boxes when it comes to functionality and style. You can find them in almost any colour, from classic brown to bright pink. Other options include personalised tags, which could be a great gift for a loved one, and patterned tags.


Plastic luggage tags come as multipacks, or as decorative, individual looking pieces. Some have bright, graphic prints one side and space for your name and address on the other. You can find items like Mickey Mouse-shaped tags and tags with Banksy designs on them. Products like this can be another thoughtful gift idea.


Paper luggage labels are perfect for one trip, and they can double up as useful accessories for things like gift labelling, price tagging and being used on parcels. Options include rustic looking manilla labels, colourful fly suitcase tags and authentic luggage labels from historic railway companies. Genuine curiosity pieces like these can be perfect for arts and crafts projects or themed special occasions.


There are a collection of funky, modern aluminium luggage tags for almost any trip. Often, the brighter and more noticeable the tag, the easier it is to avoid luggage mix-ups. You can find bold prints in different colour pops, plainer designs with the same polished look and personalised, engraved tags if you'd like something unique.