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M&S Men's Jeans

Marks and Spencer Mens Jeans

Marks and Spencer mens jeans boast a classic cut that never goes out of fashion. Choose from standard lengths and fits, and modern washes and tints.

Different styles of Marks and Spencer jeans

Loose and comfortable at the top of the thighs, classic fit jeans have a regular waist. Marks and Spencer jeans that have a straight leg typically have a regular waist too. The leg is relaxed but not baggy.

Figure hugging tight fit skinny cut jeans from Marks and Spencers have become popular over the recent years. Their mens slim fit jeans are an alternative to those that find skinny cut uncomfortable. They cut close to the leg and usually have a regular waist. Tapered jeans sit comfortably on the waist and slim down towards the ankle.

M&S bootcut jeans are tighter at the top of the thighs and then flare at the bottom, normally to accommodate your boots. Jeans with a relaxed fit are loose in the thigh and hip area, and retain their shape at the top of the thighs. Some jeans feature stretch, which are designed for maximum comfort.

Types of washes and finishes of Marks and Spencer jeans

Removing all residual dye from the jeans, a rinse wash is the most basic wash and is designed to stop colour running. Rinse wash jeans have a soft feel.

Light blue coloured jeans have been through a longer light wash to rinse out most of the dark blue dye.

The mid wash is the most popular denim wash. The process takes less time than the light wash and results in a darker finish.

Bleaching gives Marks and Spencer mens jeans a fashionable aged appearance. Jeans are washed with bleach to create the popular faded finish. Whereas tinting is used to create a colour finish over the fabric.

Jeans that are coated with PU (Polyurethane) have a hardwearing finish that is long lasting.