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MEDION AKOYA PC Laptops & Netbooks

Explore Creative Possibilities with a Medion Akoya Netbook

To enjoy fast speed while modifying spreadsheets for work, editing pictures, or creating videos, use a Medion Akoya netbook. Solutions on eBay use Intel HD 4000 graphics, allowing them to support as many as three individual displays, so you can compare edits on your images, or play your favourite racing games.

How fast is a Medion Akoya?

Most models on eBay are really fast, and will complete MP3 encoding or digital photo editing tasks in seconds. Their Intel Core i3-3120M CPU and Hyper-Threading Technology, which improves parallelisation of computations, means that several photo editing tasks can be done at once. The netbooks come with several display sizes, which do not affect their speed much, but might affect your productivity. Larger display-sizes allow for higher resolutions, and letters are bigger, but the power consumption on Medion Akoyas with small screen diagonals is lower, plus the devices are easier to carry around and cost less.

Does a Medion Akoya use function keys as shortcuts?

With a large, 92-millimetre palm rest, full keyboard, and function keys that work as shortcuts, a Medion Akoya is easy to use. Your hands can glide easily from the large 101x70mm touch pad, to use Windows 8 swipe-in gestures or a press a special Fn’ key that will become a shortcut to several features. You can quickly switch Wi-Fi on and off by using the Fn+F1 combination, while players can adjust the volume of video games by using Fn+F10. The use of shortcuts via the function keys has allowed the designers to streamline each netbook, removing mechanical switches completely except for the power button, and confirmation of the use of function keys is displayed on-screen. Each Medion Akoya netbook may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions. You can also use the function keys as shortcuts for the following:

  • Entering a power savings mode.
  • Adjusting screen brightness.
  • Bypassing the operating system.
Does a Medion Akoya generate a lot of heat?

A Medion Akoya can run at a clock speed of 2.5GHz without generating a lot of heat, since it uses HD Graphics 4000, and the CPU has the graphics built in. This allows it to use less power than NVIDIA, or AMDs discreet solution, while supporting clear images on displays with a resolution of up to 4096×4086.

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