Macbook Pro 13 Motherboard

Frequently Asked Questions about MacBook Pro 13 Motherboard

Computers are valuable assets, and it would cost you a lot more if you had to replace your Apple computers than just refurbishing them with Apple Mac motherboards. The Apple Mac motherboards that are conveniently and affordably available on eBay are definitely the most complex part of your computer. Save yourself some money and get the MacBook Pro 13 motherboard that should be compatible with your PC if all the other parts of your faulty computer are still functional.

What is the processing power rating?

The Mac Pro 13 series features different logic boards that are backed with different processing powers. They all enjoy the expediency and power-efficiency offered by third-generation technology that is used to power the Intel microchips. Ensure that the MacBook Pro 13 motherboard you want to purchase is compatible with your computer because some computers are not up-gradable in terms of central processing power. If possible, always go for logic boards that are compatible with your PC for upgrade purposes. The following are some of the processor ratings for the logic boards on offer at eBay:

  • Quad-Core 2.0 - Average CPU speed of 2.0 GHz per each of its two Core Xeons 5130
  • Quad-Core 2.66 - Average speed of 2.66 GHz per each of the two Core Xeons 5150
  • Quad-Core 3.0 - Standard processing speed of 3.0 GHz
  • 12-Core 2.66
  • 6-Core 3.33
What is the RAM capacity?

MacBook Pro 13 motherboards come in different RAM configurations, and you must make sure that you pick the RAM capacity that will work with your MacBook. Every computer has a limitation to the maximum amount of RAM it can handle without crashing. They come with pre-installed memory chips and extra RAM slots for future expansion. The biggest RAM capacity supported by MacBook Pro 13 logic boards is 128GB, and most motherboards that can support it come with far less installed RAM capacity. The least capacity that this line of motherboards offers is at 32GB.

Which OS can drive these motherboards?

MacBook Pro 13 motherboards can only power operations via Apple MacBook operating systems. However, the Mac OS software comes in different versions. The versions are configured for maximum efficiency depending on the computer’s hardware specifications. The following versions are the most common in MacBook Pro compatibility:

  • X 10.4.11* for Dual-Cores
  • X 10.13.x* for Dual-Cores, Core i5s, and Core i7s
Which other compatibility concerns should you consider?

Apart from the CPU and RAM capacities that determine the OS compatibility of your Apple PC, you should also consider the GPU and the form factor of your logic board. The Mac Pro series comes in two different sizes:

  • 13 inches
  • 17 inches
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