Selecting Mahogany Dining Tables and Chair Sets

The deep textures and rich colours of mahogany furniture make for elegant yet warm pieces that are available in styles to suit both formal and casual designs. The exposed hardwood structure of mahogany dining tables and chair sets have a sleek sophistication creating an intimacy that draws people together and urges families to gather around the table for meals. Read on to find out more about mahogany dining tables and chair sets.

Solutions for seating additional guests comfortably

Hosts who like to entertain or have large families should plan to accommodate additional guests. Purchasing additional chairs that match the wood and finish of your dining furniture with an adjustable table that can expand is a great solution for accommodating additional guests. Adjustable tables expand table space by extensions on the ends of the table or a centre leaf that raises or tucks away with hinged or butterfly mechanisms.

Selecting the appropriate dining table shape for your space

Determining the ideal dining table shape for your dining space depends on the shape of your dining room, the floor space available, and how many people you would like to seat. Rectangular-shaped tables are ideal when seating a large number of people. However, rectangular tables typically require a width greater than 91 centimetres to comfortably fit place settings. If space is tight with a rectangular-shaped table, go for an oval-shaped table. Just remember that you’ll lose table space. For smaller dining rooms or when additional seating isn’t required, square or even round tables can make a table of three feel cosy.

What makes mahogany a desirable furniture wood?

Mahogany furniture is a highly sought-after wood for crafting fine-quality furniture, cabinets, and interior trim due to its strength and natural resistance to staining. Mahogany is a premium hardwood that varies in colour from light yellow to rich reddish-brown. Mahogany is about 70% harder than other varieties of wood, making it one of the hardest woods. The grain of this wood varies from smooth to frizzy and has a high-quality texture. The natural ability of mahogany to absorb sunlight makes it fade-resistant and ensures its longevity in sunny dining rooms.

Mahogany table and chair sets in antique or inspired styles, such as Regency pedestal tables with Queen Anne chairs, feature elegant details such as decorative carvings, cabriole style legs, and dark stain. These provide solid design points when crafting a formal dining space. Traditional mahogany dining room furniture with straight, square lines display the natural beauty of the wood and complement casual and rustic styles.