Marble Tables

Marble Coffee Tables

Marble coffee tables possess an air of sophistication and elegance. To upgrade your interior design style, choose a stylish and decorative coffee table that is built to last.

Style variations of marble coffee tables

Marble coffee tables that are designed primarily for the living room typically boast elegant lines and features. The styles range from stylish modern and contemporary pieces, with chrome or stainless steel accents, to vintage or retro coffee tables that feature ornate legs or a gilt Rococo edge.

Solid marble coffee tables for contemporary spaces

Marble coffee tables create a stylish centrepiece display in any room. Generally they feature sleek, clean lines that accentuate the characteristic swirls and veins of the cool marbles natural tonal pattern.

Marble coffee tables with accent materials

There are many materials that help to boost the elegance and beauty of marble. Marble coffee tables that have a chunky, decorative or ornate marble base are the perfect design to feature an oval or rectangular toughened, clear glass top.

Marble coffee tables that feature marquetry make unique centrepiece options. Handmade marble tables that have lapis or turquoise mosaic inlay detail are perfect for a stylish modern or traditional interior.

How to choose the perfect marble coffee table for your room

A marble coffee table is the perfect furniture item to give your living space a sense of opulence. Stylish coffee tables are perfect for showing off elegant fabrics and furnishings. If you are short of space a less than 60cm coffee table may be more suitable, as you wont have to jeopardise your living space for a central feature.

Many styles of marble coffee tables feature smooth rounded edges and curved legs, or a solid base. The designs help to accentuate the colour and natural pattern of the marble. Select a marble coffee table that boasts tonal colours to complement your décor.