Massage Tables & Chairs

Massage Tables and Chairs

Massage tables and chairs are essential equipment for beauty therapy and bodywork massage treatments. Portable and adjustable massage tables typically fold away when not in use.

Standard features of massage tables and chairs

Bench style massage tables and chairs are usually upholstered in leather or faux leather material. Faux leather ranges from plastic feel PVC to PU leather.

Thick foam padding ensures that the massage tables and chairs are comfortable to lie and sit on during treatments.

Most styles of black frame massage tables and chairs will typically feature height adjustment facilities on the legs. Aluminium frame massage tables and chairs usually boast a reliable push button mechanism for adjusting height.

Massage tables and chairs are designed to provide comfortable support. The bench shaped tables can be adjusted for multi position use.

Many massage tables have a removable plug section that creates a cut out face hole. Other styles feature an adjustable face cradle and/or a lifting backrest.

Additional extras include an armrest sling with strap, foldaway side supports and a carrier bag or case for portable use.

Choosing the perfect massage tables and chairs

Massage tables and chairs are typically designed for three levels of use; massage tables that are suitable for beginners, intermediate level styles and professional standard tables, that are commonly used in salons.

To choose the perfect massage table or chair it is recommended to consider the type of frame. Wooden frame massage tables are heavier than lightweight aluminum frames.

When youre choosing a portable massage table it is important to consider the weight. If you are using the massage table for mobile use you will need to transport them. The carrying weight is typically between 22lb and 46lb. For comfortable mobile use, opt for a massage table that is no more than 30lbs.

If you are small in stature, choose a massage table that is narrower in shape. The dimensions can help to minimise risk of back pain when giving treatments.

For a more permanent feature to your room, you could opt for an electric massage chair . These have heated and hydraulic features, ideal for comfort and added luxury.