Medieval and Gothic Fancy Dresses

Step Back in Time in a Stunning Medieval Costume

Lots of people enjoy dressing up as a character from history or fantasy, and a medieval costume is a great option for parties and re-enactments. Whether youre going to lord it over your subjects as a mighty king or go into battle as a brave knight, looking the part will help. On eBay, youll find inexpensive costumes that will bring the days of chivalry and magic to life.

What materials are ideal for medieval outfits?

This is partly dependent on how authentic to your chosen period you want to be. Naturally, no artificial fibres were in use in medieval times, and cotton was only introduced in late medieval times. Wool is a good all-round choice, though if youre playing a peasants role you may want to consider something simpler, such as burlap or rough linen. Velvet and silk may be more appropriate if youre playing the role of a noble. Leather works for everything from armoured jerkins to boots, though synthetic alternatives are available if you dont want to wear animal hide.

What can make a medieval costume look right?

Although you can certainly have fun while not worrying about the precise time period or setting of your outfit, it can add to your enjoyment. A few things to think about are:

  • Time period: The word medieval covers many centuries, and a 9th-century Viking warrior would dress differently from a 13th-century crusading knight.
  • Setting: If youre dressing as a merchant crossing a hot desert with a caravan, then bright, flowing robes will be ideal, but these wouldnt work for a guard in chilly York.
  • Colour: While its tempting to dress in rich colours, these are more suited to some roles than others. For example, a peasant would have dressed in muted tones.
  • Armour: This can look spectacular but can also be heavy and bulky, especially indoors. You can often get the impression you want by picking the right helmet and breastplate.
What accessories fit with a medieval costume?

People of all classes enjoyed adorning themselves in medieval times, so you can do the same. Most men wore hats, so you might want to look for cloth caps, often decorated with leather strips. If youre wearing a costume from the era of Robin Hood, a feather in your cap can really set off the ensemble. Womens jewellery for the upper classes was rich and finely made, with rings and brooches in gold or silver and set with gemstones. Poor women were less likely to own jewellery, but you could look for a single ring or bangle and devise a story to go with it.