Mens 9ct Gold Watches

Timekeeping Excellence with Mens 9k Gold Watches

Of all the items in your wardrobe, youll wear your watch the most, so its an important investment. eBays mens 9k gold watches include a range of different innards, faces, and mechanics, and each feature set suits a specific collection of needs. Office workers need entirely different mens watches than divers and cyclists, and finding your perfect timepiece should satisfy your aesthetic preferences, too.

Which features serve your needs?

Mechanical chronographs are seen as horologys most evolved options, offering several movements that go beyond mere timekeeping. In contrast, quartz watches rely on batteries and dont usually have more than one movement. The industry also has its purists: Those manufacturers who make their own movements based on research and investment. A handmade chronograph can take a year to craft, making this the most expensive segment of the market.

  • Fashion timepieces are often the cheapest gold watches because they usually rely on easily-manufactured mechanics. Good brands are accurate and often function as chronographs.
  • Several brands make 9k gold watches that are fashionable timepieces with automatic innards for everyday usage.
  • Mens slim gold watches suit understated corporate environments.
  • Chronographs are stopwatches designed for sports people who need to time their achievements. They often track moon cycles, dates, and the like, for up to 30 movements.
  • Water-resistant watches can manage varied depths.
Which materials should you consider in your timepiece?

If youre shopping for a mens gold dress watch rather than an everyday option, design and materials will be at the top of your priority list. A black and gold watch mens design achieves a formal, if flashy, look, which you can dress down with a replaceable strap. Stainless steel is best for active users who need scratch and rust-resistance. Sportsmen neednt stay away from precious metals like gold and platinum, which resist corrosion and can be polished to remove minor signs of damage. Titanium watches offer durability but are expensive to repair. Ceramics containing zirconium oxide are heat resistant and durable.

How should you choose a water-resistant watch?

Waterproof ratings dont refer to depths but to the pressure a timepiece can withstand without losing its seal. Most water-resistant watches arent designed to manage submersion for prolonged periods of time, but a timepiece rated 1,000 metres will tolerate surface swimming for longer periods than a 50-metre watch can. If youre a surfer, a higher rating will serve you well. Swimmers will do well with 200 metres of water-resistance, while light bathers need resistance of 50 to 100-metres.