Men's Bamboo Socks

Treat your feet to some mens bamboo socks

If your feet are feeling a little neglected, consider a pair of bamboo socks and treat them to a little luxury. Soft, lightweight and anti-bacterial, bamboo is a perfect natural material to make socks with. Youll find a wide choice of mens bamboo socks on eBay, with loads of different colours and patterns to choose from. 

The benefits of bamboo

Bamboo socks are made from bamboo fibre which has anti-fungal and anti-odour properties, making them a great choice for anyone suffering from a fungal infection or foot odour. 

Bamboo helps to draw sweat away from the skin, meaning your feet stay comfortable and dry even in warm weather. The material feels soft to the touch, so bamboo socks feel great to wear too. 

Colours and designs

Theres a huge choice of colours and designs across all mens everyday bamboo socks. Choose something classic like black or white, or something more eye-catching such as red, yellow or blue. 

There are stripy mens socks, as well as socks with patterns, which are a good idea for anyone that likes their accessories to be a little different. 

If you always find yourself wearing odd socks, try choosing black socks with a coloured heel. Itll be quick and easy to spot pairs when they come out of the washing machine or when theyre all in your sock drawer. 

Sizes and function

There are four sizes to choose from, small, medium, large and one-size. There is also a choice of styles too, including ankle length socks and socks that sit below the ankle which are ideal for wearing with trainers and shorts. 

You can also find bamboo mens sports socks or walking socks. The sweat-wicking property of bamboo makes them an ideal choice for outdoor activities because it stops your feet from becoming uncomfortable when hiking, playing sports or running. This helps to prevent blisters and sores and helps you keep going for longer.