Men's Bangle Bracelets

Mens Bangle Bracelets

Mens bangle bracelets are easy to wear and perfect for both informal or formal occasions. Simply choose a style that enhances your outfit.

Material variations of modern mens bangle bracelets

Hallmarked sterling silver is a popular option for fashionable mens bangle bracelets. The solid precious metal is shaped into elegant torque and chunky link style bracelets. For a contemporary look, opt for a torque bangle that has a twisted barbed wire finish.

Stainless steel mens bangles have an urban appeal. The durable and versatile metal is typically used for cuff bangles, twisted torques and embellishment detail.

9K, 14K and 24K yellow gold is often used to make classic mens bangle bracelets. The traditional torque design features a slim curve of yellow gold, with an open side for easy wearing. The bangle is finished with smooth round finials. Elaborate mens bracelets are also available. Many designs feature textured mesh detail or a chunky link style.

Titanium steel has a pleasing polished finished that can be brushed for contrasting detail. Mens bangle bracelets that are made from titanium either have a smooth and contoured torque shape or a link bracelet design.

Leather is traditionally woven into braids or used as strips for chic modern mens bangle bracelets. For a cool look, choose a casual wraparound style surfer bracelet with metal accent detail. Black and brown leather are the most popular options.

Durable and hardwearing black silicone rubber is a popular material for fashionable mens bangle bracelets. The flexible rubber is usually enhanced with sterling silver or stainless steel features. Many bangles show off elegant stylish strips of black rubber against contrasting polished metal. The modern and contemporary designs are sleek and streamlined.

Alloy is typically used as a decorative detail on leather mens bangle bracelets. Some retro mens bangle bracelets that are made entirely from alloy have a torque shape with embellished finials.

Classically modern accent details of mens bangle bracelets

Black rubber is often used to decorate and enhance the appearance and style of polished stainless steel and sterling silver mens bangle bracelets.

Gemstones are typically used for modern variations of traditional Buddhist prayer and meditation beaded bracelets. Black agate, tigers eye and aventurine are popular natural crystal embellishments. Volcanic lava stone is an alternative option.

Natural hemp is sometimes used to add textured embellishment to a leather, stainless steel or titanium mens bangle or bracelet. The hemp yarn is usually wound round the jewellery pieces.