Men's Beaded Bracelets

Mens Beaded Bracelets

Mens beaded bracelets are a fashionable modern accessory option. Choose from a selection of precious metal, wood, gemstone and leather styles and designs.

Different types of mens beaded bracelets

Precious metal mens beaded bracelets are typically stylish, sleek and minimalist in design. The beaded bracelets feature small to mid-size uniform beads. Sterling silver, stainless steel and yellow gold are also usually used as accent features, or to make clip or screw style clasps.

Natural wood is a popular choice for many styles of mens beaded bracelets. The smooth, round beads are strung together on elasticated or wrap style bracelets. Wood is traditionally used to make Mala Buddhist prayer inspired, and surfer style, mens beaded bracelets. Some styles also combine the handcrafted beads with other accents.

Gemstones are a stylish fashion accessory option for contemporary mens beaded bracelets. The round, polished gemstone balls are often enhanced with precious metal accents and detail. The beaded bracelets are mostly elasticated for easy wear with some styles having magnetic clasps.

There are certain designs that are made from genuine leather are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Braided leather bracelets with precious metal details and clasps, and wraparound surfer style options are popular choices. Beaded style wristbands that feature a friendship bracelet are a nice alternative design.

Additional embellishments

Fabric accents are often used to enhance the appearance of laidback and casual mens beaded bracelets. Many leather styles feature a decorative braided or woven hemp that is wound around the band for additional texture and detail.

Alternative closure styles of mens beaded bracelets

Easy to wear mens beaded bracelets that are made from natural wood or gemstones typically boast an elasticated construction. This means that the mens beaded bracelets simply slide on over the hand, and onto the wrist.

Many styles of these bracelets feature a simple metal push and slide clasp that provides a secure fit. Some designs are fitted with magnetic ends that click together to lock into place.

Screw style clasp mens beaded bracelets feature two metal ends that align together. Whereas wrap styles are typically made from leather and consist of a single long piece of beaded and embellished material that wraps around the wrist multiple times. The bracelet is secured in place by tying the ends together.

Friendship mens beaded bracelets have woven or braided ends that tie together securing it safely on the wrist.