Men's Bikes

Mens Hybrid Comfort Bikes

Mens hybrid comfort bikes are usually categorised by the frame size. The frame size can range from 19” to 28”. Brands include Claud Butler, Giant, Carrera, Apollo, Raleigh and Trek.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes were designed to merge the speed of a road bike with the comfort and suspension of a mountain bike. The seats are incredibly padded and the handlebars are upright. This is to keep the rider in an upright riding position. Hybrid bikes can be used for short-distance commutes, paved roads and bike trails. Hybrid comfort bikes are not suited to rough or off-road trails. Tyres are a medium width and they have a tread that is semi-smooth. Most hybrid bikes have front suspension system on the front however it is possible to find some that are rigid.

Performance Hybrid Bikes

Performance hybrid bikes are geared towards riders who want to have a hybrid bike but with a little more aggression. Performance hybrid bikes have a very flat handlebar however they are not as upright when compared to the standard hybrid bike. They are usually smaller and the seats are larger as well. Performance hybrid bikes are ideal for commuting and they are also great if you want to ride on rougher, unpaved trails. There is a lot of overlap between the hybrid bike and the performance hybrid bike.

Some hybrid bikes come with more upright handlebars so that the rider can achieve a more ergonomic positioning and others come with flatter handlebars which helps to make the bike more suited to trails and rougher riding. Both hybrid biking options come with suspension however they rarely have suspension at the back. Smaller frames are suited to shorter riders and larger frames are suited to taller riders. The frame size can also change the tyre size used.