Stay Cool in Cargo Shorts

To keep your cool on the hottest days of summer, wear cargo shorts. Stylish options on eBay are made with cooling fabrics that help you to relax, and the range makes it easy to match your summer look to every season.

How do you select the right height for cargo shorts?

Cargo shorts are stylish, and they look great when they fit properly. Always measure the length of your leg to your knee, and use that measurement while making your selection. Your shorts should not extend beyond your knees, and should ideally end just above your knee cap.

Are prints better than plain shorts?

Printed and monochrome cargo shorts each have their advantages, with printed shorts displaying more of your personality in certain settings. A versatile pair of cargo shorts in neutral colours like green can be worn with a wide range of tops, and depending on the fabric, will help you transition from a day of shopping to a relaxing evening with friends. Practical selections on eBay in chambray and cotton will satisfy the needs of men who wish to make minimalist choices. if you like prints, consider the following:

  • Camouflage shorts are almost as versatile as colours like black, and can be worn with a wide range of shirts.
  • Shorts with horizontal stripes on shorts can make you look shorter, and if you are short, showing two inches of your legs above your knees will make you look taller.
  • Some printed shorts are more flattering to men who have very slim legs, reversing the impact of shorts in slimming shades.
What type of shorts will make you stand out?

Men tend to wear black, green, or burgundy shorts, so wearing a pair that is not in the typical range of shades will make you stand out. Select shorts from eBay that are in flattering light colours or have a nice print.

What type of cargo shorts are appropriate for parties?

Cargo shorts come in several fabrics, and the type you select for your party will depend on the event. Shorts made with Neoprene tend to be comfortable, but they look casual. If you are attending a garden party, consider shorts on eBay that are made from cotton and Elastane. Also consider the following shorts for a comfortable but structured look:

  • Shorts in shades like dark green.
  • Shorts made from canvas and cotton.
  • A cool pair of shorts made from chino or stretch cotton fabric.