Men's Leather Wallets

Mens Leather Wallets

The perfect place to keep your cash and cards, mens leather wallets come in a range of shapes and sizes. From the number of compartments to the type of fastening, theres a wide range to choose from so make sure the wallet you choose offers all the features you need.

Which style of wallet?

Most mens wallets are designed in either a bi-fold or tri-fold style. Bi-fold wallets have one fold down the middle and two sections that open and close like a book. A tri-fold wallet has three sections that close with two folds.

A bi-fold wallet is usually larger and flatter, while a tri-fold one is smaller and thicker. However as sizes vary from wallet to wallet its best to check the dimensions and compare them to find the best size.

A quick measure of the pocket you wish to carry your wallet in will help to ensure that it fits comfortably. Just remember that once a wallet is full it will be much thicker than its original dimensions.

How many compartments?

Another important factor when selecting a wallet is the number of compartments it contains. As well as spaces for holding cards, some wallets feature one or more sections for keeping notes. They may also include a clear compartment for storing an identity card or travel pass and a pocket for coins.

It is worth thinking about what you want to take out with you when selecting a wallet. Count the number of cards you need to carry and consider any other items you may want to store, such as a driving licence or book of stamps. That way, you can be sure to choose a wallet with enough spaces.

Other things to consider

Although they are often brown or black, leather wallets are available in a variety of other colours. They may be plain or feature a brand name or logo. For added security, some wallets fasten with a press stud or zip to keep them closed.

Wallets can be made from several different types of leather. Premium quality full grain leather may contain natural marks which add to its character. Top grain leather is flexible and durable, while suede has a soft finish but is more susceptible to marking.

Leather can relax over time making tight-fitting card compartments easier to access. If it is kept in a tight pocket it may also mould itself to fit comfortably against the body.