Men's Money Clips

Secure your cash with mens money clips

Mens money clips can make life just that little bit simpler for those who dont like to carry a wallet in their pocket. Keep your wallet neatly packed away in your briefcase or backpack and keep a slimline money clip with just your cash in your pocket for no bulk and easy to access style. This alternative to a mens wallet comes in all different shapes, sizes and materials and there is a huge range to check out on eBay. 

Stainless steel mens money clips

A classic choice, a stainless-steel money clip is a traditional style of the cash-carrying device. Its simple fold-over design allows you to safely stow away your notes in a slim and easy to pocket carry package. Find stainless steel clips in silver and gold tones, as well as sleek black options. 

Leather mens money clips

For a slightly more elevated accessory, take a look at the leather money clip choices you can find. Available in a range of colours from traditional black to brown and tan, you can select the perfect money clip to coordinate with the rest of your small leather goods collection. 

Find simple designs, much like the classic stainless-steel options, or find more complex designs including fold-out flaps to store credit and business cards for emergencies. Use these great designs alongside your usual wallet or replace it completely and find yourself with more slimline and easier to handle pockets in all your trousers and jeans. 

Engraved mens money clips

For a great gift idea for men, why not take a look at the options in engraved money clips. In their classic stainless-steel design, add a personalised note for someone special in your life and give them a present to hang on to for a lifetime.