Men's Polo Shirts

Mens Polo Shirts

Polo shirts, also known as golf and tennis shirts, were originally designed to be worn for sports as a practical yet still smart item of clothing. The collars and button up style originating with brands such as Lacoste and Fred Perry made them a functional t-shirt suitable for many sports.

Whilst mens polo shirts are still a popular option for sports such as golf, tennis and even polo, they can now be found in an extensive range of styles, colours and patterns and are a great choice for everything from a night out to a casual day on the course with friends.

From a smart long sleeved option in a dark colour such as black or navy, to a brightly patterned version, there is no end to the designs you can choose from when it comes to polo shirts. Typically, mens polo shirts are made from cotton, especially higher quality brands, but they are also available in materials such as polyester, or cotton and polyester blends.

Popular Mens Polo Shirts

One of the more popular styles youll see at the moment, particularly on younger men, is for oversized polo shirts combined with a pair of skinny jeans or trousers. This is almost reminiscent of 80s fashion and is a very fashionable look worn with either long or short sleeves.

If youve been working hard at the gym and have the body to show for it, a muscle fit polo shirt could be the perfect option for you. These are snugger and closer fitting designs, that are cut to show off a sculpted body to its ultimate advantage, particularly around the abs, pecs and upper arms.

For a night out or a trip to the pub, then a bolder patterned polo shirt will work well. Make a statement with a bright colour, like pink, red, or turquoise, or try a retro checked pattern. These tend to look better in slim fit styles, although standard cuts are also available for those who prefer.

A great option for winter is a long sleeved mens polo shirt, created using materials like thicker or lined cotton. A long sleeve black mens polo shirt paired with jeans and boots is a timeless classic style and will always look fashionable and stylish. Try long sleeves in brighter colours for a more striking look, and wear with a pair of joggers or casual trousers for a more off duty look.